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How to Create a MetaMask Account

January 24, 2022 dr. yeon 0

What is MetaMask? metamask MetaMask is an application designed to facilitate access to the Ethereum Dapp (Decentralized Application) ecosystem. MetaMask can also be used as a wallet to store Ethereum and ERC-20 Tokens. By connecting […]

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How to Use Tor Browser

January 20, 2022 dr. yeon 0

Tor Browser is one of the tools usually used by people who want to gain freedom on the internet. You can use this browser to stay anonymous online and protect yourself from being tracked by […]

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How to Change Account Name on Skype

January 17, 2022 dr. yeon 0

For those of you who have just registered for a Skype account, you must have set the account name that you will use during the registration process. Skype exempts us from using names. We can […]

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How to Change Skype Profile Photo

January 14, 2022 dr. yeon 0

Skype is an application made by Microsoft that is useful for making phone and video calls. Not only that, but you can also use Skype to chat with fellow Skype users. But what distinguishes Skype […]

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How to Merge Videos Using Canva

January 7, 2022 dr. yeon 0

It’s very easy to combine multiple videos into one in Canva. What’s more, Canva is an editing application that is quite simple but can be used for many things. Apart from editing videos, you can […]

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How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

January 5, 2022 dr. yeon 0

Currently, most applications and sites have implemented two display options, namely light mode and dark mode. Light mode is usually the default display brought by apps and sites. While the dark mode is an additional […]