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How to Remove Pocket from Firefox

February 21, 2022 dr. yeon 1

Currently, Firefox is integrated with Pocket, which is a bookmarking service to save and read web pages offline anywhere and anytime. Pocket is now owned by Mozilla, so it’s natural to integrate it into Firefox. […]

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How to Fix Laptop Not Making Sound

February 17, 2022 dr. yeon 0

A laptop whose speakers don’t make sound will certainly be an annoying specter. We can no longer listen to music, watch videos, and do some productive work, such as editing videos to recording sound. For […]

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How to Delete MetaMask Account

February 4, 2022 dr. yeon 0

In one application or MetaMask extension, we can create multiple accounts at once. Each account will have a different Ethereum wallet. We can use different wallets for different needs. For example, one wallet is dedicated […]

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How to Import MetaMask Account

February 1, 2022 dr. yeon 0

In the previous article, I have discussed how to create a new account or wallet on MetaMask. The question is whether we can move the account to another device? For example, initially, I created a […]