Extinguish the Fire of Jealousy before Burning Your Happiness

Every couple, both male and female, can feel jealous for many reasons. Although often associated as evidence of love, uncontrolled jealousy can threaten the harmony of your relationship with your partner.

The emergence of jealousy in a romantic relationship is a natural thing. Not only experienced by couples who are dating or married, feelings of jealousy can also arise in people who are in a relationship with friends with benefits.

Jealousy is usually triggered by the presence of new people who are considered to be disrupting relationships. Another factor that can trigger jealousy is a decrease in self-confidence and worry that your partner will turn to someone else.

Jealousy within reasonable limits can strengthen affection and feel valued for each other. However, feelings of jealousy need to be watched out for if they become unstoppable, even causing a partner to become possessive, commit sexual harassment, to physical violence.

Tips for Extinguishing the Fire of Jealousy

Jealousy can destroy trust and cause a lot of fights. Therefore, this needs to be addressed immediately so as not to damage the happiness of you and your partner.

You and your partner can overcome jealousy by doing the following tips:

1. Communication

The main key in extinguishing the fire of jealousy is to establish good communication. Speak honestly with your partner about your feelings of jealousy and what caused it to happen.

Good communication can help you and your partner find ways to keep the relationship strong and avoid things that might cause jealousy in the future.

2. Find out the cause of jealousy

Most feelings of jealousy arise only out of suspicion. Therefore, try to find out the root of the jealousy so as not to ruin your happiness.

If it’s aimed at your partner, find out if there really is a third person or if it’s just your fear.

3. Trust each other

Being honest and building trust with your partner can eliminate jealousy. You and your partner can start by sharing stories with each other about what activities are carried out in a day.

That way, no one feels cheated and jealousy can disappear.

4. Do not suspect excessively

Avoid actions such as spying, controlling your partner and blaming others for your suspicions. You should also not get caught up in these feelings that you think are unfair.

5. Find a way to spend time together

The density of work can reduce the intensity of meetings or communication between you and your partner. This can also cause feelings of jealousy because they feel that they have not been noticed by their partner.

To maintain a good romantic relationship, do small things as a form of your affection or spend time together on the sidelines of busyness.

It’s normal to feel jealous because of threats in a relationship. However, jealousy needs to be watched out for if it is accompanied by anger or baseless accusations.

If you have followed the tips above, but feelings of jealousy continue to arise and affect the quality of your relationship with your partner, you should consult a psychologist or counselor who specializes in dealing with problems in couples, to get the best solution.

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