Five Ways to Take Care of Beautiful Nails

Having beautiful nails is the dream of almost every woman. For this reason, it is necessary to take care to keep nails healthy, strong, and looks shiny. Not only treatment at the salon, you can maintain your beautiful nails by doing natural treatments at home.

Well-groomed nails will make you look beautiful. Beautiful and clean nails can also describe the cleanliness and condition of a person’s health. In addition, beautiful nails can also increase self-confidence. Nail care does not have to be done in a salon or spa, you can also do it at home while doing me time.

How to Take Care of Beautiful Nails

Hands are one of the parts of the body that are most often exposed to various things during daily activities, from typing at the computer, holding money, to processing food in the kitchen. Therefore, it is very important to maintain hand hygiene, especially nails.

Below are some grooming techniques that can be used to treat your nails.

Limit salon treatments

Not infrequently, someone who wants to have beautiful nails does nail care (manicure and pedicure) at the salon. Besides being practical, the results also look better than taking care of yourself at home. But you know, too often doing nail care at the salon is also not good for nail health.

Too often doing nail care at the salon will make the nails become brittle because nails are often exposed to harsh chemical elements while at the salon. In addition, there is a possibility of getting a bacterial and fungal infection of the nail or the area around the nail becoming swollen.

Try to do nail care yourself at home. However, if you still choose to do it at the salon, you should bring your own nail care equipment.

Do nail care at home

Take care of your nails by trimming them when they are long. Cutting your nails regularly will keep your nails healthy and look clean and beautiful. After trimming the nails, try to smooth the tips of the nails with a file.

When doing nail care, don’t forget to take care of the cuticle by giving it a moisturizer. But remember, don’t overdo it. Do not push or even peel the cuticles as this can damage and infect the nail.

Be careful when cleaning the inside of your nails, as there is a risk of infection, especially when cleaning them with a long, pointed tool. Infection can occur when fungi or bacteria enter through the gap between the nail and the nail bed.

Don’t use acetone nail polish remover too often

Sometimes removing nail polish can make it easier for us to shape our nails and make them look more beautiful. However, instead of getting beautiful nails, using nail polish remover too often can actually damage them. Nails can have minor cracks to permanent cracks.

Using acetone to clean your nails can also damage your nails. Acetone is found in nail polish remover. A study found that brittle nails if cleaned with acetone will become more brittle.

Give natural care

In order to get beautiful nails, you can also try some traditional ways using natural ingredients. For example, by soaking your nails in warm salt water.

In addition, tea tree oil can also be a natural ingredient to treat your beautiful nails. This oil is believed to prevent and treat nail fungus. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil with coconut oil, then apply it to your nails.

Take care of beautiful nails from the inside

If you want to get beautiful and healthy nails, you also need to maintain your nutritional intake and take vitamins that contain biotin. Biotin is a type of B complex vitamin. Research shows that biotin can make nails thicker, so they are less prone to cracking and breaking. Examples of foods that contain biotin are wheat, spinach, milk, eggs, sweet potatoes, salmon and chicken.

The condition of the nails can describe the cleanliness and health of a person. Take good care of your nails so they always look clean and beautiful. However, to prevent infection or damage to the nails, be more careful in caring for them.

If you have problems with your nails, or there are complaints related to nail disorders, you should consult a dermatologist for further treatment.

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