FreeTube: Privacy Friendly YouTube Player App for macOS, Linux and Windows

Users of mobile devices such as Android and iOS can use the official YouTube application available on each platform. Both are managed and developed directly by Google.

Not only that, even for Android users, more third-party YouTube applications can be used, for example, NewPipe.

Unlike mobile device users, computer users do not have the option to use YouTube in the official app. Because until this article was published, Google had not yet developed a YouTube application for desktop.

The only way for computer users to enjoy YouTube is to visit the site using a browser.

However, there are several third-party YouTube applications for computers, one of which I recommend is FreeTube.

FreeTube Features
FreeTube comes with many special features that are not on the official YouTube site. Some of these features include being able to play videos and audio from YouTube, being able to download videos, to protecting your privacy.

For a complete explanation of each of the available features, you can read it below.

Play YouTube Video or Audio
Currently, YouTube does not have an official application for the desktop, so we can only enjoy YouTube on the desktop by using a browser.

The FreeTube app works just like an app on Android or iOS.

You can play YouTube videos directly from the FreeTube app.

Not only playing videos but there is also the option to play audio, which means, it will save bandwidth when you listen to a song.

Download YouTube Videos
Not only can it be used to play videos and audio, but you can also download it if you want.

This is very suitable for use if you like to download videos on YouTube.

By using the FreeTube application, you no longer need to open a new tab and then open the YouTube video download site continuously.

Just open the FreeTube application, find the video you want to download, then click the Download button to save the video.

Following YouTube Channels Without Account
You can use the FreeTube app to watch all the videos available on YouTube without an account.

Not only that, but you can also subscribe to your favorite YouTube channel without logging in. Cool isn’t it?

Protect Your Privacy
This is one of the mainstay features offered by FreeTube, namely privacy.

By using FreeTube, Google doesn’t know what videos you’ve watched on its platform.

So that Google cannot display targeted ads that match your interests.

For some, this may not be so important. But for some others who value their privacy on the internet, this is something very important.

How to Download FreeTube
You can use FreeTube on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Here’s how to install it based on the operating system you’re using on your computer:


If you are using macOS, then you can use Homebrew to easily install FreeTube on your Mac. You do this by using the terminal command below:

brew install –cask freetube

Wait until FreeTube is installed on your Mac, then run the FreeTube application.


FreeTube for Linux is available in several formats, from .deb, .rpm, to Flatpak and AppImage. Please visit the FreeTube site and download according to the Linux distribution you are using.


Visit the FreeTube site, then download FreeTube for Windows in exe format. After double-clicking on the installation file and following the next steps, FreeTube will be installed on your Windows laptop.

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