How to Change Reddit Avatar

Reddit is a forum site and app that users can use to discuss and share the things they love.

Every forum on Reddit is called a subreddit. And each subreddit usually focuses on one particular theme or interest.

For example, the r/bitcoin subreddit is a subreddit devoted to all things Bitcoin.

So, if you have an interest in Bitcoin, you can join the subreddit.

And you can directly contribute and discuss Bitcoin with other users on the subreddit.

Not only that, but you can also create your subreddit if it’s not already on Reddit.

Just like in other forums, on Reddit users can also use avatars, which are unique images that we use as identity on Reddit.

If on social media like Instagram and Facebook it is called a profile photo, then on Reddit it is called an avatar.

For those of you who just joined Reddit and don’t know how to change your avatar, you can follow the tutorial below.
How to Change Reddit Avatar
First, open your Reddit app. Either on iPhone or iOS. Alternatively, you can also visit via a browser.

After that tap the avatar that you are currently using.

Then tap the My profile menu.

Buddy is now on Reddit’s profile. Tap the Edit button.

In this menu, you can change some information regarding your Reddit account. Starting from the avatar, name, and others. Please tap on the avatar you are currently using to change it.

After that choose whether you want to use the Avatar Style, Camera, or Library.

If you select Style Avatar, then you will create an avatar using an avatar on Reddit. You can change the style of clothing, hats, and the overall appearance of your avatar.

Meanwhile, if you choose Camera, then you can immediately take a selfie or any photo around you will be immediately used as a Reddit avatar.

And if you choose Library, it means you choose a photo in the gallery to use as an avatar.

Please select how you want to use the avatar. In this tutorial, I chose Library, because I want to use one of the images in the gallery as an avatar.

That way, you’ve successfully changed your Reddit avatar with a new one.

Tips for Using Avatars on Reddit
Reddit is an international forum, which means its users come from all over the world. Starting from Afghanistan, Malaysia, Iraq, Bangladesh, Israel, America, and many more.

Therefore, make sure you always use the appropriate language for the subreddit you follow.

For example, if you follow an English subreddit, you must also use English if you want to contribute to the subreddit.

Reddit is different from social media like Facebook and Instagram, therefore, I strongly discourage you from using real photos as avatars.

Use images such as anime characters, movie characters, and the like.

This will protect your privacy while using Reddit.

Also, avoid using your real name as your username. The goal is the same, namely to maintain your privacy while using Reddit.

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