How to Change Skype Profile Photo

Skype is an application made by Microsoft that is useful for making phone and video calls.

Not only that, but you can also use Skype to chat with fellow Skype users.

But what distinguishes Skype from other instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and Telegram is, Skype has a feature to make calls to phone numbers.

It is one of the paid features in Skype.

And it is usually used by people who want to make calls abroad at a lower cost.

And in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to change your profile photo on Skype.

This tutorial may be useful for those of you who are just trying to use Skype.
Why is Using a Profile Photo Important?
The internet is a very wide place and is used by many people from all over the planet earth.

Sometimes in one platform, there are many people with the same name.

For example, on Instagram, there are lots of people with the name “Yanto”. They all refer to different people.

Imagine if you have a friend named “Yanto”, then you try to look for him on Instagram, you will certainly have trouble finding the “Yanto” you are looking for.

Therefore, a profile photo is one of the easiest ways to recognize someone online, especially on social media.

You will find the “Yanto” that you are looking for more easily if he uses a profile photo that shows his face.
Therefore, using a profile photo can be said to be important if you want the context to be more easily found by people who know you.

If you use Skype, then using a profile photo will help people who want to contact you be more sure that it is indeed you.

How to Change Skype Profile Photo
Open the Skype app on your phone, then tap on the default profile photo at the top of the app.

Scroll down a bit, then you will find the Settings menu. Tap the menu.

Tap the default profile picture you’re currently using, then select a photo from your gallery.

Then crop, rotate or edit the photo directly in Skype. Or if you want, you can use the photo as it is without being edited. Tap the Check button.

Now take a look at your Skype profile, the profile photo has changed to the photo you just selected.

Your profile photo may not be immediately visible to everyone who has saved your Skype contacts. That’s normal because sometimes Skype servers also experience delays.

Skype Supported Photo and Image Formats
Skype supports popular image formats such as JPG, JPEG, and PNG.

So, if your photo uses one of these image formats, then you can use it as a profile photo on Skype.

If your image is in a format other than the 3 formats above, then you must convert it first so that it can be used.

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