How To Compress Video To Reduce Size Quickly

How to compress videos can be done in many ways. One of them is to use an application called Handbrake.

Why should you use Handbrake?

Firstly, Handbrake is the best video compression app out there. Has the ability to convert various video formats, from wmv, avi, m4v, mp4, mov, to 3gp.

With its complete capabilities, Handbrake is also a free and open-source application.

That way you can download Handbrake for free. No licensing fees.

Oh yes. Handbrake can also be used in all kinds of operating systems. Starting from Linux, Mac, to Windows. So you will have no trouble using a Handbrake.
Functions and Uses of Compressing Video
Compress video is usually done for several things. These include the following:

Reduce video size.
To make it easier to store on a flash.
To be uploaded faster to websites (YouTube, Facebook, and others).
And much more.
Whatever your reason for compressing videos, you’ve come to the right article. Because this time we will provide a complete explanation of how to compress a video to reduce its size.

How to Compress Video to Reduce Size Using Handbrake
1. First, you need to download the Handbrake application on the official website.

2. After the download is complete, just click 2 times to install Handbrake on your computer.

3. Once installed, open the Handbrake application.

4. Then click the “Open a single video file” button to open the video you want to compress.

5. Select the video you want to compress. Then select a location or folder to save the compressed video file. The trick is in the “Destination” section, click the “Browse” button, then find the folder you want to save the compressed video file.

6. Then you can adjust the quality of the compressed video on the “Output Settings” menu. Please choose according to your wishes. Here I will try to use the MP4 format. I also enabled the “Web Optimized” option. Then you can also change the video resolution as desired. here I use a resolution of 360. You can choose your size so that the results are as you want.

7. On the “Video” tab, select the Video Codec to be “H.264 (x264)”. If you are confused, you can see the screenshot below.

8. After everything is set as you wish, then click the green “Start Encode” button at the top. Then Handbrake will start compressing your video.

9. Wait until the compression process is complete. The length of compression time usually depends on many things. Starting from the specifications of the computer you are using, to the size of the video you compress. So just wait.

10. Done

Now try to check the compressed video in the folder that you have chosen to be the destination for the compressed video.

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