How to Delete MetaMask Account

In one application or MetaMask extension, we can create multiple accounts at once. Each account will have a different Ethereum wallet.

We can use different wallets for different needs.

For example, one wallet is dedicated to accessing OpenSea, and the other is dedicated to accepting Ethereum or other tokens.

For those of you who have been familiar with the world of NFT, Ethereum, and other tokens, maybe someone has implemented this kind of strategy.

So now in your MetaMask, there are quite a lot of different wallet accounts.

The question is, can we delete some of the MetaMask accounts? The answer is yes.
Save Your Private Key First
Before following the main tutorial below, there is one important thing you must do, which is to save the Private Key of the MetaMask account that you want to delete.

This is very important to do, especially if the account you want to delete still contains Ethereum, Token, and NFT.

If you delete it immediately without saving the Private Key from the account, then all Ethereum, Tokens, and NFTs in the account will be permanently lost.

It’s different if the account you want to delete is empty, it doesn’t store Ethereum, Token, or NFT in it.

Then it’s okay for you to delete the account without saving the Private Key first.

But what you need to know is that you cannot restore an account without saving the Private Key or Secret Recovery Phrase.

To store the Private Key of an account on your MetaMask, follow these short steps:
Click MetaMask, select the account for which you want to store the Private Key;
Click the three dots button next to the account name;
Then select the Account details option > Export Private Key;
Enter the MetaMask password;
Save the Private Keycode that appears in a safe place, don’t let others find out.
If you have saved the Private Key of the account you want to delete as above, just continue following the tutorial below.

How to Delete MetaMask Account

Attention: Currently we can only delete imported accounts, those are external accounts that you import using a private key or JSON.

For accounts created directly using MetaMask, you cannot delete them. If it’s already shriveled, continue by following the tutorial below:

Tap the MetaMask icon in your browser or open MetaMask on your phone. Then select the account you want to delete, make sure the account is imported.

The characteristic that the account is imported is that there is the word IMPORT next to the account name. For example, as shown below:

Now the account is open. The next step is to click the three dots next to the account name, then click Delete account.

Then a confirmation window will appear whether you want to delete the account or not.

The window also contains information that before you delete this account, make sure that you have saved the Secret Recovery Phrase.

That way you can still use the account by importing it using the Secret Recovery Phrase. This is very important, especially if the account still has Ethereum or other tokens in it.

If you are sure, click Delete.

Now check your MetaMask again, now the selected account has been deleted.

Congratulations, you have just successfully deleted one of the accounts in your MetaMask application.

If you want to delete an account created using MetaMask (not imported), then there is one way you can try, namely by uninstalling (removing) the application or MetaMask extension.

Once MetaMask is removed, you just need to download and install it again on your browser or device.

But as usual, if your account still has Ethereum, NFT, or tokens, it’s best to back up the Secret Recovery Phrase first.

That way you can restore the account and still be able to use Ethereum, NFT, or the tokens in it.

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