How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

Currently, most applications and sites have implemented two display options, namely light mode and dark mode.

Light mode is usually the default display brought by apps and sites.

While the dark mode is an additional option for those who frequently access sites and apps at night.

Google now also provides an option for those of us who want to change the appearance to dark mode. You can read the tutorial below.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Google Search

By default Google uses a white display, whether it is accessed via a browser or when used through its application on a smartphone.

And now Google provides an option for us to use a light theme or a dark theme.

For those of you who often do Google searches at night, of course you have to avoid white screens so your eyes don’t get tired quickly.

By enabling dark theme on Google, it will really help you. Here’s how:

First, open a browser then visit the page and click the Settings menu which is located on the lower right side of the Google site.

Then you will see several options appear, select the top one, namely Search settings.

On the preferences page, click the View menu.

There are three options that you can choose from, just select the Dark theme and then click the Save button.

Finished. Now your Google display has turned dark, for example as below:

You can also choose device Default settings. If this option is selected then Google will use dynamic display.

That is, if your device uses a dark theme display, then Google will also use a dark theme.

Conversely, if your device uses a light theme, Google will also use the same theme.

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