How to Import MetaMask Account

In the previous article, I have discussed how to create a new account or wallet on MetaMask.

The question is whether we can move the account to another device?

For example, initially, I created a MetaMask account on my computer, then I wanted to transfer it to MetaMask on my Android phone.

I can do this by importing the Secret Recovery Phrase MetaMask account that is on my computer to my Android phone.

This method also applies the other way around, for example, you want to move your MetaMask account from an Android phone to a computer.

It can also be done if you want to move your account from one computer to another, or from one phone to another.

The most important thing is that MetaMask is installed on the device you are using.

How to Import MetaMask Account

The first step we have to do is to copy the Secret Recovery Phrase or the Secret Recovery Word that is in MetaMask.

Open MetaMask on your computer. Then click the Settings menu.

On the Settings menu, scroll down a bit and then click Security & Privacy.

A button will appear that says Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase. This button is used to display the secret recovery password for your MetaMask account. Please click the button to display it.

Enter the MetaMask password, then click the Next button.

You will see there are 12 words in the box. Those are the 12 most valuable secret recovery words. Save the 12 words carefully if you haven’t saved them yet.
Since we want to export our MetaMask account to another device, click the Copy to clipboard button to copy all the words.

After following the steps above, next open the MetaMask app on your Android, iOS, or other devices where you want to import the account.

In this tutorial, I want to import a MetaMask account from a computer to MetaMask on an iPhone. You are free to import it to any device.

Open the MetaMask application. Then tap the Get started button.

There are two options, namely Import using Secret Recovery Phrase and Create a new wallet. Select the first option, i.e. Import using Secret Recovery Phrase,

MetaMask will then ask for permission to collect application usage information. You are free to accept it or not.

If you accept, tap the I Agree button. But if not, tap the No Thanks button. I personally usually choose not.

Paste the 12 secret recovery words that you copied from MetaMask on your other device in the column provided.

Then tap the Import button.

You will then see a screen like the one below which more or less contains a welcome message from MetaMask.

You can take a tour of using MetaMask if you want to get to know the features and how to use MetaMask on mobile. Or if not, tap No Thanks to starting using MetaMask as usual.

After following the steps above, you will now have your MetaMask account on your new device.

You can actually use the same MetaMask account on several different devices if you wish.

That way, you can use MetaMask on both your computer and your phone at the same time.

You can make transactions while using your computer or on the go using MetaMask on your phone.

In the tutorial above, I imported an account from MetaMask on my computer to MetaMask on my iPhone.

But the tutorial above is not limited to importing from a computer to an iPhone only.

You can follow the tutorial above to import accounts from phone to computer, computer to computer, or phone to phone.

The steps will be more or less the same, just need to be adjusted a little bit.

Caution: Don’t give your 12 secret recovery words to anyone, whoever it is.

Because someone else who knows the 12 secret recovery words can take over your MetaMask account. And all your Ethereum and tokens can be lost in an instant.

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