How to Login and Register an Account on the CapCut Application

CapCut continues to grow, from being just a simple video editing application, now the application has also transformed into an online video sharing platform like TikTok and Instagram.

You can even share templates that other CapCut users can then use in their video projects.

This template feature is loved by CapCut users.

Because it can speed up them in making videos that are cool and according to their wishes.

What’s more, there are lots of cool templates shared by fellow CapCut users.

The features in CapCut are now capable of being used to edit videos, especially videos that will be shared on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts.
Why Should You Login to CapCut?
CapCut application users who are not logged in and logged in have differences in using the features in this application.

Users who are not logged in can only use this application to edit videos, then save them to their devices.

Meanwhile, logged-in users can use other features, namely uploading edited videos to CapCut.

Later, the uploaded video can be viewed by other CapCut users from all over the world.

The video can also be liked and commented on by other logged-in users.

Vice versa, logged-in users can comment and like videos of other users on CapCut.

Users who are not logged in can only view videos without being able to like and comment on them.

If you want to upload videos to the CapCut platform, then interact with other CapCut users, then logging in is the right choice.

How to log in and Register an Account on the CapCut Application
First, open your CapCut application. Then tap the Me tab. It is located at the bottom right of the application.

There are three options for logging in, namely using Facebook, Apple (if you use iOS), and also TikTok.

The login options may be different if you are using Android. Please select the method you want.

In this tutorial, I’ll be logging into CapCut using Facebook.

A pop-up will open showing the Facebook site. Please buddy login using your account.

Next, select your date of birth.

Finished. Now you have successfully logged into the CapCut application. The account name will follow the Facebook name you use to log in.

To change your name, change your profile photo and other information, tap the Edit Profile button.

After that you will see a menu like the one below, please change your name, photo, gender, and bio to your liking.

To log out of the account, you can tap the burger button in the top right corner of the app, then tap Sign out.

After logging in using one of the available methods, you can use the social features in CapCut.

Starting from uploading videos, commenting, and liking other people’s videos, and others.

However, you should still adhere to the community guidelines when interacting with other users.

Some of them that you have to remember are to keep commenting politely and not badmouthing other people.

You are also prohibited from uploading vulgar videos to CapCut or your video will be deleted later. Worst case scenario, your account will be permanently banned.


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