How to Merge Videos Using Canva

It’s very easy to combine multiple videos into one in Canva.

What’s more, Canva is an editing application that is quite simple but can be used for many things.

Apart from editing videos, you can also use Canva to edit photos and create simple graphic designs for social media purposes.

But in this article, I will only focus on one tutorial, for other tutorials you can look for other articles.

Why Use Canva?

There are many apps you can use to combine videos into one, but in this tutorial, I’m going to use Canva.

Some of you may ask, why should you use Canva?.

Canva is a versatile application that can be used for many things, from creating logos, creating social media images, to editing videos.

Because I have used Canva a lot, I also sometimes use it to edit videos such as adding some text to videos or just to combine videos.

So I don’t need to download another app, just use Canva.

What’s more, Canva is available on many platforms, from Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

For computers or laptops, we can even access Canva using a browser, so we don’t have to install the application.

So, those are some of the reasons why you should use Canva to combine videos, it’s simpler to use and also versatile.

Open Canva. You can use the Android or iOS version of Canva, but in this tutorial, I’m using the web version of Canva which I access from a PC.

To display more or less the same both on the PC and the phone. So you can follow this tutorial.

Once Canva opens, select the Video menu and then select the category of video you want to create. I will choose a standard video.

Then tap the Uploads button > Upload media.

Select all the videos you want to merge. Because I only want to combine two videos, I upload only those two videos. You are free to combine how many videos.

Your video will then be uploaded to Canva. The next step is to create a new canvas according to the number of videos you uploaded.

By default, Canva will create you a single canvas. To add a canvas, tap the + button next to the default canvas.

Create a canvas with the same number of videos that you want to merge.

Since I only want to combine 2 videos, I will create 1 more canvas so the total is 2 canvases.

After that click and drag the first video to the first canvas. So that later your video will appear on the canvas. For example as in the screenshot below:

Next click the second canvas. This is important so that later when you drag the video, the video will fall on the second canvas, not on the first canvas again.

Click and drag the second video onto the second canvas, so that you can now see the video on the second canvas.

Repeat the steps above if the video you have combined is more than 2 videos.

After all, videos are on their respective canvases, you can preview them by clicking the PLAY button next to canvas number 1.

If so, click the DOWNLOAD button in the right corner of Canva.

After that click the Download button.

Then give the name of the video that you have merged and click the Save button.

The video will then download directly to your device.


If your video editing needs are simple enough, namely just to combine several videos without the need to add complicated effects, then Canva can be the right choice.

Because Canva itself is an application that can be used for free, so you don’t have to pay to use it like some other video editing applications.

And once again, this application is also very easy to use. Even you who are beginners will be able to use it easily.

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