How to Protect Instagram Account So It’s Not Easy to Hack

Instagram is currently not only used by people to socialize online but is used by business owners to develop and introduce their business to many people.

Many online shop owners also use Instagram to get more buyers.

So, Instagram is no longer only used by people who like narcissism, but also to develop a business.

If you are a person who is managing a business Instagram account, then you have to secure your account even more.

Because usually, business accounts have a higher potential to be targeted by hackers. Hackers will take over your Instagram account in various ways they can do.

If you have access to your account, they will ask for some money then after that, they promise to return your Instagram account.

This kind of action also actually targets not only business Instagram accounts, but also personal accounts with a large number of followers.

Whether you use Instagram personally or to grow your business, here are a few ways you can protect your Instagram account from hackers.

1. Use Long and Complicated Passwords
The first and probably the most important tip, make sure you use a long and complex password. This will make it harder for hackers to “guess” the password you use to log into Instagram.

Try to keep your password at least 20 characters long and consist of letters, numbers, and symbols. This will make it more difficult for hackers to hack into your Instagram account.

Avoid using words in the dictionary as your Instagram password, for example: “I love you”, “I am very handsome”, and the like.

In addition to using a long and complicated password, make sure you don’t use the password on your other accounts such as Facebook, Email, Forums, and the like.

Because if you use the same password between your Instagram account and your other accounts, this will increase the chances of your Instagram account being hacked.

Imagine if your Facebook account was hacked by someone else, then because you use the same password, the hacker only needs to enter the same email address and password as Facebook on Instagram. And he will get access to your Instagram account.

So, make sure you don’t use the same password from one account to another.

To make it easier for you to remember all account information (password and email), use a password manager application.

2. Enable 2FA Feature
Most social media have a security feature called two-factor authentication (2FA). Instagram also has this feature and you need to enable it to make your account more secure.

Broadly speaking, this feature will ask you to enter a 6-digit number generated by the 2FA application you are using, for example, Google Authenticator.

So in other words, even if someone later gets your Instagram account password, he still can’t log into your IG account because he doesn’t have the 2FA code requested by Instagram.

To use this feature, make sure you have downloaded Google Authenticator, then follow the steps below:

Open the Instagram app > Settings > Security > Two-Factor Authentication > Authentication App > Add.
Then follow the instructions on the screen. If you are finished, now every time you log in, you are required to enter the 6 numbers in the Google Authenticator application after entering your username and password.

Apart from using Google Authenticator, Instagram also offers 2 other 2FA methods, namely WhatsApp and SMS. But I don’t recommend using these 2 methods because they have the potential to be exposed to a sim swap.

3. Only Login on Instagram App and Official Site
For those of you who like to use third-party Instagram applications, now you have to be careful. As much as possible not to log into third-party applications.

If you really want to try the application, create a special IG account to try the application. That way your main account remains safe.

Third-party Instagram apps are very insecure because there is a potential for the app makers to send your login information (username and password) to their servers and then they will be able to take over your account.

Not only applications, but you also don’t log in to sites other than the official Instagram site. The official Instagram website is located at

In addition to sites with these pages, never log in to them even though they look similar to the official Instagram site.

4. Don’t Share Your Email
There are two pieces of information that hackers need to be able to take over your Instagram account, namely your email address and password.

So in addition to having to secure the password, you also have to maintain the confidentiality of your email address.

Do not share your email address with anyone on the internet, such as on forums or social media.

Use a different email address if you want to communicate with other people through other people.

That way the email address that you use to log into Instagram is unknown to anyone but yourself.

5. Revoke Access to Third-Party Apps and Sites
Instagram can be used to log into other apps and sites, for example, an app for scheduling Instagram posts.

If you have logged in to such applications and sites and are not using them anymore, it is highly recommended to revoke access to those applications.

Enter your Instagram application, then go to the Settings menu and select Authorized Apps. Then disable all unwanted apps.

It is perfectly permissible to revoke access permissions from applications and sites that you no longer use, even if the sites and applications were made by trusted developers.

Why? Because in the future these applications and sites will be exposed to hacker attacks.

If that happens, then your Instagram account will also be in danger because it has given access permission from these sites and applications.

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