How to Register and Buy and Sell NFT on OpenSea

Since the viral Ghazali every day, Indonesian people’s curiosity about NFT has increased. More and more people are learning what NFT is, how to make it, how to buy NFT and various other things about NFT.

For those of you who don’t know, Ghazali is a young man from Indonesia who went viral after selling his selfies on the largest NFT platform OpenSea.

What makes it viral is that the photos sell for hundreds of millions. Based on the latest news that I read, the young man earned billions of rupiah thanks to selling photos of his face on OpenSea.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using OpenSea, be it to sell or buy NFT, you are reading the right article.

In this article, I will walk you through how to register for OpenSea, to upload and sell your first NFT.

Ready? Get some coffee and snacks ready, as this will make for a fun tutorial.
Create an Ethereum Wallet Using MetaMask

Before registering with OpenSea, make sure you have an Ethereum wallet first.

This Ethereum wallet that you will later use to log in, sign NFT buying and selling transactions, and also where you store NFT.

OpenSea supports several Ethereum wallet applications, including MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, Trust Wallet, and many more. But the most popular is MetaMask.

Therefore, in this article, I will be using MetaMask as part of the tutorial.

Please download MetaMask and install it in your browser, visit the official website at, then click the Download now button.

Open the MetaMask extension you just installed in your browser, then tap the Create a wallet button to create a new Ethereum wallet. Then follow each given step until your Ethereum wallet is successfully created.

You can follow a complete tutorial on how to register for MetaMask here.
If your Ethereum wallet is ready, continue following the tutorial below to register for OpenSea so you can create, sell and buy NFT on the platform.

Fill MetaMask with Multiple Ethereum
To sell your NFT on NFT, you need to pay a Gas Fee* using Ethereum. Likewise, if you want to buy NFT on OpenSea, you have to pay for it using Ethereum.

So, before continuing to follow the tutorial below, first, fill your MetaMask account with Ethereum. The amount is up to you, but I recommend more than 0.08 Ethereum.

This is the minimum amount you need if you want to sell NFT later (not an exact number because the NFT minting fee varies according to the Ethereum Gas Fee).

To buy Ethereum, you can use the following local exchanges:

Binance(international exchange)
After buying Ethereum on one of the above exchanges, transfer the Ethereum to your Ethereum wallet address on Metamask. Click the MetaMask icon in the browser, then you will see the Ethereum wallet address.

Copy the wallet address, and paste it on the exchange where you bought Ethereum. It may take a few minutes for Ethereum to be fully accepted on your MetaMask. Just wait.

How to Register and Buy and Sell NFT on OpenSea
The first step, open a browser that has MetaMask installed as in the previous step. Open a new tab, then visit the OpenSea site at Then click the Create button.

As I said earlier OpenSea supports several Ethereum wallet applications, one of which is MetaMask. Because we use MetaMask, then just click MetaMask.

Then a pop-up window will appear. This is the MetaMask extension window. OpenSea will request a connection to MetaMask. Click the Next button.

Next MetaMask will show what OpenSea is asking from your wallet. In this case, OpenSea only asks for permission to view your Ethereum wallet address. Click the Connect button to continue.

Next will appear a signature request by OpenSea. You will also see a message in the pop-up window this time. Click the Sign button to continue.

After that, the MetaMask pop-up will disappear and we will return to the browser tab that is opening the OpenSea site. This time we have successfully logged into OpenSea and immediately opened the NFT creation page.

As you can see in the screenshot below, you can directly upload the NFT image you want to sell. Click the upload box then select the image you want to sell as NFT on OpenSea.

You are also required to give this NFT a name. You are free to use any name. But make sure that the name represents the NFT image you uploaded. Apart from that, you can also add a link in the NFT (this is not mandatory).

Scroll down a bit, then you will find the Description column. As the name suggests, this column serves to provide a description of the NFT that you upload. Please fill in the column with a description that matches the NFT you uploaded. Make sure it contains an explanation of what NFT is.

Scroll down again, then determine for yourself how much Supply or supply from the NFT. This means the total number of NFT copies you uploaded. The amount of supply will not affect the gas cost to upload it. If so, click the Create button.

Based on the experiments I did, Total Supply is only available on the Polygon Blockchain. If you choose the Ethereum Blockchain, then you cannot set more than one total supply.

So please decide for yourself whether you want to store the NFT using the Polygon Blockchain or Ethereum with the above considerations.

After clicking the Create button, your NFT image will be uploaded and stored in OpenSea. Your NFT has also been published and can be seen by everyone, but the NFT has not been sold yet.

To sell the NFT you just uploaded, tap the Sell button.

Then decide how many copies you want to sell. You can sell all of it or just part of it if you want.

Then determine what the selling price is for each copy. For the duration of the sale, you can set it yourself, but by default, this NFT will be sold within 1 month. If within that time no one has bid, then you have to do these steps again.

If everything is correct, tap the Complete listing button.

Next, a summary of the NFT you want to sell will appear, starting with the name of the NFT, the total number of copies you want to sell, to the price. Double-check everything one more time, make sure you didn’t make any input errors.

If everything is according to what you want, tap the Unlock button.

As I explained at the beginning of the article that we need to sign every action in our OpenSea account with the MetaMask associated with the OpenSea account. Since we want to sell NFT, a MetaMask window will appear showing that OpenSea wants to make a transaction with our account.
Click the SIGN button to continue.

Finished. You have just successfully uploaded an NFT and listed it on the list of NFTs for sale on OpenSea.

The next thing you have to do is wait until someone is interested in your NFT and then buy it.

As an additional effort, you can promote the NFT that you sell on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or others.

You can also join forums around NFT and cryptocurrency. Joining a Telegram group discussing NFT is also a good idea.

How to Set Up an OpenSea Profile
To be more convincing, we recommend that you set up your OpenSea profile. That way, people who are interested in buying your NFT can be more confident.

You can set profile photos, banners, and also name. Follow the steps below to do this.

Tap the default OpenSea profile photo, then select the Profile menu.

As you can see, you are still using the default name OpenSea gave you, which is Unnamed. Profile photos and banners are also OpenSea’s defaults. To change it, tap the Gear logo button on the right side of the profile.

On this page, you can set your username, bio, email address, profile photo, banner, to social media links such as Instagram, Twitter, and websites.

When everything is set, tap the Save button to save it.

Now take a look at your OpenSea profile. Now it looks more professional and convincing.

How to Buy Someone Else’s NFT on OpenSea
Besides being able to sell your own NFT, you can also buy someone else’s NFT. To be able to do this, make sure you have enough Ethereum in your MetaMask.

So, the first step to do is to look for the NFT name in the search field. After that OpenSea will display all NFTs that match the keywords you entered. Select one of the NFTs you want to purchase.

If the selected NFT is indeed sold by the owner, then you will see a Place bid button. Tap the button. Then follow the next steps until MetaMask finishes signing the purchase.

Keep in mind that not all NFTs on OpenSea are sold by their owners. But even so, you can still make an offer to the NFT owner, by tapping the Make offer button.

Next, you will see information about the selected NFT. The information includes the name of the collection, the name of the NFT maker, total sales, and others. Klik I understand that OpenSea has not reviewed this collection and blockchain transactions are irreversible.

Then enter how many copies of the NFT you want to buy. Then also enter the price quote you want for each copy of the NFT. Then click

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