How to Remove Pocket from Firefox

Currently, Firefox is integrated with Pocket, which is a bookmarking service to save and read web pages offline anywhere and anytime. Pocket is now owned by Mozilla, so it’s natural to integrate it into Firefox.

You will see a Pocket logo next to the address of the site you are visiting. If you click it, the site page will be saved in Pocket.

Of course, you have to register for a Pocket account first to save the site’s pages.

Indeed, bookmarking services like Pocket are very helpful for saving important web pages that we want to read and save.

But I’m sure not everyone uses this service.

Fortunately, Mozilla still provides the option to remove Pocket from Firefox, although this option is a bit hidden.

For those of you who use Firefox for daily browsing but don’t want to use Pocket and want to remove it from Firefox, follow the tutorial below.

How to Remove Pocket from Firefox
If you just want to remove the Pocket button next to the site address, then it’s very easy. You just need to right-click on the button, then select Remove from Address Bar.

However, it will only hide the Pocket button from the side of the URL bar. Pocket is still in your Firefox.

If you right-click on the web page you are visiting, you will find the Save to Pocket option.

To completely remove Pocket from Firefox, follow this tutorial:

Open a new tab in Firefox, then type “about:config” in the URL bar. Then click the Accept the Risk and Continue button.

Then Firefox will show all hidden configurations. Type “pocket” in the search field, then you will find a configuration named extensions.pocket.enabled.
By default, this configuration is set to true which means that the Pocket extension is active in Firefox. To disable it, double-click it until it changes to False.

Now Pocket has been completely disabled from Firefox. Try right-clicking on the web page you are visiting, then there is no Save to Pocket option anymore.

If at any time you change your mind and want to go back to using Pocket, just repeat the steps above. But in the end, change the setting to true to get Pocket back on.

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