How to Remove Video Background Without Application

How to remove video background?

Actually, there are many applications that you can use to do this, from the most complex ones like Adobe Premiere Pro to HP-only video editing applications like KineMaster.

But to do it using these applications is not easy, especially for you beginners who are not experienced in video editing.

Then, is there an alternative way that is easy and fast without the need to use a video editing application?

The answer is yes, but with some limitations. First, the duration of the video that we remove the background will be limited to 5 minutes.

If you want the full duration of the video, then you have to pay some money to the site that we will use in the tutorial below.

Another limitation is that we can’t choose the part of the background that we want to remove, because we will leave it to the AI, so everything will be done automatically.

The results may satisfy you, maybe not because there are certain parts that you want to leave in the video but are still removed by the AI.

So you understand, even though this method is easy, it has some limitations as I just mentioned. If you are interested in using this method, just follow the steps below.

How to Remove Video Background Without Application
First, open your favorite browser, it is recommended to use Firefox or Chrome in order to get the best compatibility with the site that we will use. After that visit the Unscreen site.

On the main page of the Unscreen site, click the Upload Clip button. After that select the video you want to remove the background or background.

Wait a few moments until your video is fully uploaded to the Unscreen site.

When the process is complete, tap the Download button to save the deleted video to your device.

Apart from being able to download it as a video, you can also download it as a GIF or Animated PNG.

If you download it as a video, the duration of the video will be limited to 5 seconds. If you want the full duration, then you have to subscribe to Unscreen Pro.

You can use the removed video for many purposes, for example, to add it to the video you are working on and then upload it to YouTube.

Or it can also be used to make GIFs or just for social media status.

How, it’s pretty easy isn’t it? By using the method above, it can simplify your work in editing videos. Especially if it deals with removing the background of a video.

You can focus on completing video editing projects that clients have been waiting for or waiting to be uploaded to your personal YouTube channel.

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