How to Top Up Gopay for Free Via Flip

There are many ways to top up or top up a Gopay account. You can use marketplaces such as Tokopedia, or the most common is through mobile banking applications such as CIMB Niaga and Jenius.

Top-up Gopay through the mobile banking application is indeed very simple and easy. However, almost all mobile banking applications charge a fee (usually IDR 2500).

For those of you who don’t want to pay a fee of 2500, there is another alternative that you can use to top up your Gopay account, namely using an application called Flip.

How to Top Up Gopay for Free Via Flip
If you have finished registering a Flip account, please follow the steps below.

First, open the Flip app, then tap the Send Free Money button.

Then tap the +ADD NEW GOAL button. If it’s your first time using Flip, your sending history will be empty. Because I’ve used this application before, so there is some destination history under it.

Tap the destination account. We will replace it with Gopay.

A choice will appear between Bank or e-wallet. Select the e-wallet tab, then select Gopay.

Enter the Gopay mobile number that you want to top up. Make sure the cellphone number is indeed connected to the Gopay account because the name of the Gopay account owner will appear on the screen. If the mobile number is not connected to the Gopay account, an error message will appear.

If everything is correct, tap Continue.

After that enter the nominal top-up you want. The minimum top-up is 10,000 while the maximum is 10,000,000. In this example, I will top up 212,000. After that tap the CONTINUE button.

Flip will then display a summary of the transaction, starting from the nominal top-up, fees, to the name and Gopay number. Please check again to make sure nothing is wrong. If so, tap the CONTINUE TO PAYMENT METHOD button.

Then please select the bank you use, Flip offers a lot of banks in Indonesia. That way, you won’t be charged a transfer fee because you use the same bank as Flip.

After choosing a bank, you will be given two numbers. The first is Flip’s bank number, and the second is the amount of money you have to transfer to Flip.

Please make a transfer to the Flip account. And make sure you make the transfer exactly as stated in the application up to the last 3 digits.

Then tap the I HAVE TRANSFERRED button if you have transferred according to the nominal stated.

Then wait for 10 minutes. Flip will send the balance to your Gopay account. Flip will also provide notifications in the application and email if the top-up has been completed.

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