How to Undo in Microsoft Excel Using Mouse and Keyboard

When typing a document in Microsoft Excel, it is natural for us to make small mistakes such as typing wrong data, accidentally deleting a cell, and the like.

But thanks to the undo feature, these minor errors can be easily fixed.

What does the undo feature do and how do you use it? Just read the explanation in the article below.
Undo function in Microsoft Excel
If translated into Indonesian, then undo means “undo”. As it means, this feature serves to “undo” the mistakes we made while typing documents in Microsoft Excel.

The undo feature is not only available in Microsoft Office but almost all applications. For example, Photoshop, GIMP, Libre Office, and many more.

With this feature in Microsoft Excel, we don’t have to worry about making mistakes while working, for example, deleting a cell in a document, accidentally adding text, and so on.

The undo feature will immediately correct your mistakes, namely by returning the worksheet to its previous position right before you made the unwanted error.

How to Undo in Microsoft Excel
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There are at least two ways to undo Microsoft Excel when we make mistakes while working. The first is through the undo menu, and the second is using a shortcut.

The function of these two methods is the same, namely to undo. The only difference is the way, namely using the mouse and using the keyboard.

For those of you who are not used to using shortcuts, it might feel complicated at first. But if you are used to it, using shortcuts is much faster than using the mouse.

To find out the full details of these two methods, please read the explanation below:

Via Menu
Click the Edit menu > Undo (this is if you use Indonesian language settings). If you use the English setting, the menu will change to Edit > Undo.

To make it easier for you, this menu is located right to the right of the File menu. So you don’t have to look too far.

Using Shortcuts
For you Windows users, you can use the shortcut key CTRl+Z. And if you’re on a Mac, use the COMMAND+Z shortcut.

If you want to undo it several times, then just press the shortcut button according to the number of undo you want.

For example, I want to undo 2 times, so I just press the CTRL+Z shortcut 2 times. Easy isn’t it?

Why Can’t Undo in Microsoft Excel?
The undo feature is limited only when the document is opened. In the sense that if we have saved the document and then we reopen it at a later time, then all the mistakes we made in the previous session cannot undo.

So for cases where the document is already saved, you have to manually correct the error, such as deleting certain words or something.

So later on, friends, don’t be surprised if you open a Microsoft Excel file and try to undo the error in the previous session but can’t, that’s a natural thing.

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