How to View and Delete Saved Passwords in Firefox

Just like Chrome, Firefox also has a built-in password manager feature.

For those of you who don’t know, this feature allows Firefox to store login information for all the sites you visit using Firefox.

That way you can log back into a site more quickly.

But if you don’t want Firefox to save your password, you can delete it easily. Follow the method in the tutorial below.

How to View and Delete Saved Passwords in Firefox
First, open your Firefox browser on your computer or laptop. Then tap the burger button in the top right corner of Firefox, then select the Passwords menu.

Well, in this menu, you will see all the passwords stored in Firefox from various sites. Please select the password you want to change or delete.

Then there will be several buttons that you can click. To see the password for the site, just tap the eye button next to the password, then you will see the password.

To completely remove passwords and login information from the selected site, tap the Remove button.

Confirm the deletion by clicking the Remove button.

In addition to viewing passwords and deleting them, you can also edit login information stored in Firefox, by clicking the Edit button on the left of the Remove button.

Use a Dedicated Password Manager App
Using a browser’s built-in password manager like the one in Firefox and Chrome is a bad idea.

Why? Because if at any time someone gains access to your laptop, they can find out all the passwords easily.

Because all these passwords can be accessed without any additional security such as passwords or PINs.

As an alternative, you should use a special password manager application that is equipped with additional security such as passwords and PINs.

One of the password manager applications that I recommend is Bitwarden. This is an open-source application and you can use it for free.

The application is also available for many platforms, from Linux, macOS, Android, iOS to Windows.

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