How to View Secret Recovery Phrases in MetaMask

One of the common mistakes beginners make when first using MetaMask is not saving the Secret Recovery Phrase.

As a result, I’ve often read experiences of people losing access to their MetaMask accounts because their phones were lost, or the MetaMask app was accidentally deleted.

If that happens, then all the assets you have stored in MetaMask will be permanently lost, you cannot restore them without the Secret Recovery Phrase.

You don’t want that to happen to you, do you? Therefore, make sure you have saved the Secret Recovery Phrase in MetaMask.

That way if at any time your phone is lost, damaged, or the MetaMask application is accidentally deleted, you can still restore your old account and not lose the assets you saved.

What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?
Secret Recovery Phrase or Secret Recovery Phrase are 12 phrases that are automatically generated by MetaMask when you first create an account.

This is used to restore your MetaMask account in case you ever lose your device or accidentally delete MetaMask.

You can also use this Secret Recovery Phrase to move your MetaMask account from one device to another (computer to phone, computer to computer, phone to computer, or vice versa).

Anyone who knows your Secret Recovery Phrase can take over your account, including transferring all Ethereum, Tokens as well as NFT stored in MetaMask.

So, make sure that no one knows the MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrases other than yourself.

Keep the 12 Secret Recovery Phrases in a safe place and not easily found by others. You can write it down on a piece of paper, then store it in the cupboard.

Or for an easier and safer way, you can use a password manager application.

How to View Secret Recovery Phrases in MetaMask

Video version tutorial
Open MetaMask installed in Firefox or Chromium on your computer. Then select the account you want to save the Secret Recovery Phrase, then click the Settings menu.
Next, my friend, select the Security & Privacy menu.

Next, you can see there is a red button that says Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase. Click the button to display How to View Secret Recovery Phrases for your MetaMask account.

Type the MetaMask password, then click the Next button.

So as you can see, MetaMask will display the 12 Secret Recovery Phrases for your account.

Click the Copy to clipboard button and then copy it to a password manager or note-taking app that has encryption.

Tips for Keeping MetaMask Recovery Phrases Safe
The 12 Secret Recovery Phrases are the most important in your MetaMask account.

Because with the Secret Recovery Phrase, you can still have access to your precious MetaMask account.

If someone else finds out your Secret Recovery Phrase, then all the assets you have stored in MetaMask are gone.

So, to avoid this from happening to you, here are some tips to keep the Secret Recovery Phrase safe from getting into the hands of irresponsible people:

Only download MetaMask from the official site
MetaMask is a very popular Ethereum wallet application, available for Chromium, Firefox, Android, and iOS.

Therefore, hackers are trying in such a way to take over the accounts of MetaMask users in various ways.

One of the most frequently used methods is to create a fake MetaMask application.

So when we enter the Secret Recovery Phrase into the fake MetaMask, the creator of the fake MetaMask has our Secret Recovery Phrase.

Then in a matter of minutes, all your assets will be lost.

To avoid this, make sure you download the original MetaMask. Always visit the site to get the original MetaMask.

Do not enter Secret Recovery Phrases on any site
In addition to the fake MetaMask application, this method is also popularly used by fraudsters to take over the accounts of MetaMask users.

Usually, these fraudsters will send messages to potential victims via Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, or other social media.

Then through the message, he will give the lure like doubling the Ethereum you have and you will later be given a site link.

When clicked, the site will ask you to enter the MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase.

This is where many people are deceived because of the lure of multiplying the Ethereum you have.

In fact, by entering the Secret Recovery Phrase into the site, it will give the scammers access to your MetaMask account, and all the assets you have on MetaMask will disappear in an instant.

So if someone contacts you through any medium and sends you a link to a site asking for your Secret Recovery Phrase, never give it.

It’s 100% a scam.

Use a password manager app to secure Secret Recovery Phrases
Many people use the notes application or the default notes on their phones. This is very dangerous though.

The default note app usually doesn’t have extra encryption and security features.

So, if at any time your phone is lost and someone finds it, he will be able to see the Secret Recovery Phrases stored in the notes app.

And of course, you don’t want that to happen, do you?
Alternatively, you can use a password manager app like Bitwarden.

This is much more secure because apart from being protected by a password, the data you store on Bitwarden is also encrypted.

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