Take These Steps to Heal Yourself from a Broken Heart

When parting with a loved one, it’s only natural that you feel heartbroken. This feeling is certainly unpleasant and can make you feel helpless. But don’t be discouraged, okay? Heartbreak is not the end!

Parting with a partner is certainly not an easy thing. Your memories with him do not only exist in the form of photos or videos, but are still clearly etched in your mind. Some people can get through this tough, but not a few people who find it difficult to move from the downturn due to a broken heart.

In fact, it’s normal to feel sad, stressed, and heartbroken because of a failed relationship. However, if allowed to drag on, heartbreak can have a negative effect on the quality of your life.

How to Rise from Adversity Due to a Broken Heart

When trying to move on because you have just had your heart broken, usually someone will experience several things, such as difficulty sleeping, failure to focus, loss of appetite, anxiety, and feeling lonely. So, so that your sadness doesn’t drag on, take a look at some of the ways to get up from a broken heart below:

1. Absorb your sad feelings to be ready to rise

There’s nothing wrong if you feel sad, emotional, and lost when you’ve just had your heart broken, that’s normal, really. It’s important to acknowledge and absorb the emotions that surround you after a breakup. That way, later you will be able to become more mature and ready to rise to live a new, better day.

Give yourself time to grieve, reflect, and think. Even so, take care not to drag yourself into a slump.

But remember, that grieving and contemplating also need to have a limit. Don’t let yourself be sad and reflect so much that what you can think of is no longer something constructive, but something negative and self-defeating.

Try to fill your solitude by doing self-introspection and preparing for various positive things. Keep in your mind that this situation is only temporary and things will get better.

2. Do new things

You can find a new activity so that you don’t have time to remember or cry anymore. Focus on your hobbies, such as taking cooking classes, photography, learning something new that interests you, or any activity that makes you happy.

If possible, you can also take a few days off to go on vacation or me time. If you don’t want to be alone, you can ask your family or closest friends to accompany you. Spending time with them will take your mind off Him.

3. Make peace with the past

Many people find it difficult to move on after a broken heart because they tend to think that happiness can only be obtained from the He alone.

Even though there are many things in your life that can make you happy, maybe even happier than when you were with him first. Even though it’s hard to live, you need to remember that heartbreak is a life process.

Try to come to terms with what happened and forgive his mistakes and yours. Making peace with the past is not easy, but learning to accept the situation and forgive each other can be your strength to rise.

4. Don’t forget to take care of yourself

After a broken heart, you may be lazy to live life and daily activities, even to the point of being lazy to eat and getting thinner. However, that is not an excuse for you to abandon yourself. You can be sad, but don’t forget to take care of yourself and your health.

While going through this difficult time, you also need to keep eating nutritious foods, drinking enough water, getting enough rest, and being aware of your needs. If you are lonely, ask the people closest to you to accompany you.

To keep yourself away from negative thoughts, try exercising or doing relaxation and meditation. This may help you feel calmer.

5. Date when you’re ready

Don’t close your heart for too long. If you close your heart for too long, it means you allow yourself to continue to be dissolved in the past. Start moving on and open your heart to the presence of new people.

Take it easy and don’t rush to make it a couple if you’re not ready for a new relationship. Make the previous experience a life lesson so that you are better prepared for a better relationship.

Falling in love again will make you feel happier. Even though you don’t completely forget the disappointment you feel, there will always be new hopes waiting for you in the future.

Heartbreak is not the end of everything, it is a life lesson that you need to go through in order to become a better person. It’s normal to feel down for the first few weeks after a breakup.

However, if your heartbreak is causing you to experience severe mental stress that makes you feel like ending your life or torturing yourself, it could be a sign that you are experiencing depression. If that’s the case, you need to ask a psychologist or psychiatrist for help to deal with the problem.

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