Windows 11: What New Features Does This OS Bring?

Windows 11 has just been released by Microsoft as the successor of Windows 11. Of course, this version also brings improvements from the previous version and many new features.

In this version, Microsoft focuses on multi-tasking features, updated interface, and PC performance improvements for gaming.

Microsoft Store now also supports Win32 applications.

To find out more about the new features brought by Windows 11, you can read the article below.
Start Menu Move to Middle
Windows 11 has a new look, the Start Menu which is usually on the left has now moved to the middle. Even though we can still move it to another position if we want.

The Live Tile is no longer there and is being replaced with a new row of app icons and files.

Not only the Start Menu, but the taskbar icon has also moved to the middle.

Better Multitasking Features
Windows 11 brings several productivity features, one of which is “Snap Layout”.

The function of this feature is that it allows us to quickly move the application’s position on the screen.

How to use it is quite easy, just hover over the “Maximize” button in the application window, then you can choose the desired screen position.

Windows 11 can also remember where apps are with “Snap Groups”. You can click a single taskbar icon to reopen all the snap apps in one group.

Faster Update
Microsoft says that Windows 11 will have a better update mechanism than Windows 10.

The update size will be 40% smaller and run in the background, the way it works is similar to Chrome OS.

Not only that, but Microsoft has also switched to an updated schedule once a year for major updates.

Microsoft learns from Windows 10, which uses the mechanism of 2 updates in a year, this produces a lot of bugs.

It also disturbs the convenience of users, because they are often disturbed by updates every time they are working on their PC.

Microsoft also follows the schedule for updating operating systems such as Android, macOS, and iOS. All of them apply a major update once a year.

New App Store
Windows 11 also brings a new version of the Microsoft Store. This will be the place for Windows 11 users for all their app and gaming needs.

Developers can offer traditional Win32 desktop applications along with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and Progressive Web App (PWA) applications.

Apps can also use any framework, as long as they run on Windows 10.

Microsoft will allow developers to use their own payment methods and keep all of their revenue 100%.

For example, Valve can distribute Steam on the Microsoft Store and don’t have to pay Microsoft a penny.

In this way, later friends who use Windows 11 can make Windows Store the main application to download and update all applications without the need to use the updater of each application.

This will provide a fast and simple experience.

Android App Support
Microsoft actually had developed support for Android applications before the release of Windows 10, but for some reason, development was stopped.

Now, Android apps can actually run on Windows 11 without the need to use third-party emulators like BlueStack and Nox Player.

One of the things that made Microsoft finally go ahead with this project is because Macs can run iOS applications.

To make this happen, Microsoft is working with the Amazon Appstore, and we can directly download the Android application we want to use directly from the Microsoft Store.

Gaming Performance Improvement
Windows is the operating system that is the main choice for gamers. Many games are only available for Windows.

Therefore, Microsoft does not want gamers and game developers to leave Windows by improving the quality of gaming on their operating systems.

On Windows 11, gaming will get a boost thanks to the Auto HDR feature.

This feature will make the graphics of old-school games look more beautiful when played.

Not only that, but game performance will also increase thanks to the “DirectStorage Optimized” feature.

So, for those of you who like to play PC games, you will certainly like Windows 11.

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